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by Gindi


Studio Salant ID

ROLE: UX Lead & Project Management

As a UX designer, the Gindi Company project holds a special place in my professional journey, having been intimately involved with it for an extended period of one and a half years. I commenced my involvement with the project shortly after joining the studio in early 2022, initially as an additional UX designer, and subsequently, as the sole lead UX designer. By early 2023, we successfully launched the product in the city of Rehovot, resulting in active user engagement on the platform.

This project revolves around the realm of urban renewal and presents an innovative platform designed to streamline processes, facilitate easy integration, maintain complete transparency throughout the process, and act as a dependable and impartial entity in support of tenants. The system provides access to all relevant stakeholders in the field, including lawyers and entrepreneurs, introducing a unique competitive framework wherein lawyers and entrepreneurs vie to represent apartment owners, emphasizing the empowerment of the latter.

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Welcome by Gindi Project

A little bit about Gindi

The Gindi Brothers company is a prominent player in the real estate development industry. Known for their various projects, including the massive project of Gindi TLV, they have a history of involvement in the sector. 

In this project, Gindi underwent a significant transformation, shifting its role from exclusively advocating for entrepreneurs to creating an inclusive platform where all stakeholders can engage. For the first time, Gindi has redirected its focus towards prioritizing the interests of tenants over those of entrepreneurs.

Personas and Prioritizations 

To gain a comprehensive understanding of our platform's target audience and their specific requirements, we undertook the development of individualized personas for each user category. While we established four primary personas, we also highlighted the nuanced distinctions among them. This approach facilitated the creation of a tailored work plan, enabling us to concentrate on one persona type at a time and the corresponding system pages relevant to their needs.

Our strategic work plan unfolded as follows: initially, we prioritized the development of a solution tailored for property owners, fostering their collaboration. Concurrently, we dedicated efforts to building the back-office system for project managers. This approach enables us to enter the market at this juncture, permitting us to subject the system to rigorous testing with these stakeholders. While engaging in this testing phase, we can seamlessly progress towards further characterizing, designing, and developing the subsequent phases of the platform.


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Property owners were the most intricate segment of our audience, given that many of them had previously encountered challenges in project promotions within their buildings, resulting in skepticism. Moreover, this demographic encompassed a wide range of age groups, each with their unique desires, and occasionally, there were individuals who opposed the entire process. Our concentrated efforts were directed towards this pivotal target audience, as we diligently worked to tailor the user experience to their needs and concerns.




The role of building representatives, who are also property owners, is distinguished by their heightened enthusiasm and dedication to advancing the project. While they share the status of property ownership, their distinct commitment to project promotion sets them apart. Consequently, building representatives are granted additional privileges within the system, allowing them to effectively champion the project's cause. This expanded access empowers them to disseminate project updates to fellow tenants, engage with the lawyers and entrepreneurs, facilitate the updating of property owner information, and more.


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Lawyers access the platform with the primary intent of sourcing professional opportunities. While there is generally no requirement to persuade them to join the system, it is crucial to ensure that their registration yields a sense of immediate benefit. The system should proactively present them with project suggestions in real-time, minimizing the likelihood of disengagement and allowing them to simultaneously track multiple projects.




Entrepreneurs actively engage with the system primarily to identify viable projects. While there is usually limited need for active persuasion to encourage their participation, it remains crucial to ensure that their initial interaction with the system is engaging and rewarding. The system should offer significant value propositions, enticing them to choose our platform for their project efforts. Furthermore, it provides the added advantage of facilitating efficient and expedited communication with apartment owners, particularly when majority consent has already been secured. It's worth noting that Gindi charges a small percentage as a service fee, which is an integral aspect of their involvement in the process.




The project managers are required to maintain accessibility to all ongoing projects, providing telephone support and facilitating physical meetings to advance project objectives. This entails the operation of a distinct internal system, granting them comprehensive access to project data and enabling necessary edits. They are responsible for disseminating updates to relevant stakeholders, ensuring the smooth progression of the project in alignment with established protocols. 

Working Closely with Dev Team

In this project, I held the dual role of UX designer and project manager, affording me the unique opportunity to engage closely with various facets of the product lifecycle. This encompassed collaborating on the overarching vision with the CEOs, coordinating with development and sales teams, and actively guiding the development team while setting task priorities. Given the context of a burgeoning startup, where a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) position was yet to be established, I assumed responsibility for testing the products. Consequently, I gained invaluable insights into coding practices, database management, and optimizing external interfaces, including Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), among other facets of software development. This multifaceted experience greatly enriched my skill set and knowledge.



UX Designer &

Project Management


Dev Team

Sales Team

Interfacing representatives in other API companies

Desktop Screens 

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Mobile Screens 

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*In light of budget constraints and the client's specific time optimization request, a significant portion of the project's refinements and adaptations were primarily focused on the designed screens (and not on wireframes screens).

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