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ROLE: Users Testing

The Primis project had a distinct focus. The company engaged our studio to conduct user research for a product developed by their in-house team. This project held particular appeal for me for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it placed a strong emphasis on research, allowing my colleague and me to duly prioritize and champion the research process, which can sometimes be overlooked by companies. Second, it enabled us to produce an impartial study, as its outcomes were not tied to our individual efforts and detached from the emotional attachment we typically have to the interfaces we help shape.

The scope of user testing encompassed various aspects, from test preparation to the development of all accompanying materials. I was actively involved in crafting the test protocol, designing test scenarios, and identifying specific elements to evaluate within these scenarios. Additionally, I provided support in rectifying prototype issues as needed.


Primis Project

A little bit about Primis

Primis is a Video Discovery technology used by many digital publishers worldwide. As part of IPG and Universal McCann, they uphold the highest industry standards and are committed to improving the online advertising industry.

The Process of Building Users Testing


To formulate pertinent user scenarios, our initial step is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product under consideration and its primary constituents. We aim to delve into the product's development process, its intended purpose, any prior iterations, and the outcomes derived from them, among other pertinent details.


Once we have a thorough grasp of the product, our next objective is to comprehensively comprehend the product's users and their specific requirements and expectations.


We must establish the testing framework, which includes determining the number of participants for the tests, the user profiles, and their familiarity with similar products. In practice, we conducted tests with eight participants selected based on our defined criteria, which encompassed a diverse range of individuals in terms of age, gender, and mobile proficiency. These participants were provided by the company's staff for the evaluation.

The User Testing

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Min. Each

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Age Range

We convened with the participants in a serene and unobtrusive environment, emphasizing the importance of minimizing disruptions during the testing process. To maintain an unobtrusive atmosphere and minimize any potential stress for the participants, comprehensive recording methods were employed, obviating the need for note-taking during the sessions.

The objectives of the tests, as delineated in our predefined procedure, were communicated to the participants. Subsequently, we initiated the testing phase by randomly presenting them with four distinct scenarios, as pre-determined.


User Testing Script 6
User Testing- Data Analyzing
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