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Well, this is me - a passionate UX Designer

I am a Graduate of the Netcraft Academy and Google Certificate, have a bachelor Degree in Psychology and Humanities (The Hebrew University, Israel) and have some great passion in the field of User Experience.

"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” Robert L. Peters, Graphic Designer
About Me



Studio Salant ID, User Testing

Primis is a Video Discovery technology used by many digital publishers worldwide. As part of IPG and Universal McCann, they...

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ZIM Research

Studio Salant ID, UX Research

ZIM is an international shipping company that provides innovative and efficient container shipping solutions, connecting businesses...

Welcome by Gindi

Studio Salant ID, UX Design & Project Managment

Welcome by Gindi is a unique and innovative platform that aims to speed up urban renewal processes, incorporate...

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Frame 2669.png
Synamedia SAAS Portal

Studio Salant ID, UX Research & Design

Synamedia is a prominent provider of video technology solutions, specializing in transforming the way broadcasters, service...

Strauss Water
Tami4 App

Studio Salant ID, UX Design & Project Managment

Strauss Water aspires to become an integral part of people's lives through the Internet of Things (IoT). The Tami4 App is one of... 

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Email: | Tel: +972-54-6931796

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